Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue recently visited homes to help with census information. Crews and volunteers visited homes and apartments in Murfreesboro this past Saturday.

The City seeks to collect names and complete and accurate count of households who have not filled out and returned the Special Census form by mail or online.

"The Special Census certifies the city’s growth in population," said Planning Director Gary Whitaker. "We appreciate the significant number of residents who have participated through our online responses or mailing in forms to the Special Census. We believe the City has added at least 20,000 new residents since the last census and that could mean an additional $2.9 million per year in state-shared funding."

The population of Murfreesboro was last certified in 2011 by the State of Tennessee at 109,031, after an annexation special census count. Currently, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the 2016 population for Murfreesboro to be 131,947. Based on the current number of households along with building permits issued for new residential dwellings, the 2017-2018 population likely exceeds the 2016 estimate.


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