The plan is to demolish the homes at Oakland Court and Mercury Court and build 150 new homes for low-income residents.

"We’re looking at a two-phase construction process. The first phase will involve relocating I think 25 families to make room for phase 1 construction. And when that phase 1 construction is complete, all 76 homes, households in the Oakland Court community will be able to occupy that phase 1 construction and it is hoped that the housing authority will apply and get RAD funding for phase 2 as well. In that phase, we’ll build 76 new homes on the other half of the Oakland property and all the households from Mercury Court will be able to occupy that. So ultimately all 150 homes from Oakland Court and Mercury Court will be housed on the Oakland Court property," said Margaret Butler with McCarty Holsaple McCarty Architects and Interior Designers.

That will leave about 15 acres that can be developed.

Butler said, "When the 15 acres become available for Mercury Court, that leaves an opportunity for potentially mixed-income, or mixed-use, or more affordable housing, that’s really yet to be determined. But there are a lot of opportunities with that property."

The goal is to start construction next year and have residents move in December 2021. This all depends on funding, which would be through secured loans and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits issued by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

"We’re in a position now with the Rental Assistance Demonstration program that it works at this time because of the funding levels and our rent levels and we’re able to do it. We’re continuing having issues in maintenance that we can spend thousands of dollars for, and at the end of the day we still have the brick and block, and we’ve spent thousands underneath the slabs. So, it’s to a point now that this is our best scenario is to move forward with redevelopment," said Thomas Rowe, Executive Director of the Murfreesboro Housing Authority.

And there are plans to take care of the residents who live at Oakland Court, so no one is homeless during construction.

The price tag on this project is still being determined.

This low-income housing is currently available for people who are at 80-percent and below the area median income. If this project gets funded, low-income housing tax credits will be tied in, and at that point, anyone at 60-percent or below the area median income will be eligible for housing.

Members of the Housing Authority want to hear from the community before things continue to move forward, so they’ll have three open houses where you can voice your opinion through April.

The first is on Thursday evening:

Public Open House
Thursday, March 14, 2019
4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Murfreesboro Housing Authority, Maple Room
415 North Maple Street, Murfreesboro

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