Murfreesboro, TN – You might want to change the name of Greeneville to "title town."
After football won a state championship in the fall, the Greene Devils baseball and soccer team went in search of their own hardware Friday night in Murfreesboro.
We’ll begin on the diamond where the Greeneville baseball team looking for its first ever state title, facing Riverside and wasting no time trying to get it…first inning, bases loaded and Braden Spano unloading them, smoking this pitch to the gap in right center and dropping just in front of the wall…three runs coming in to score on the double. Greeneville up 3-0 after 1.
Same score in the 2nd…two on for Jordan Idell and the senior turning on this one, deep to left and that’s heading for the football stadium a three-run blast, Greene Devils up 6-0 after two.
The bats stay hot…Dalton McClain sending this pitch deep down the right field line…right fielder giving chase but can’t make the grab…one run scores…Greeneville up 7-0.
Then it’s Idell delivering again, through the right side…that’ll bring home two more…Greeneville up 11 after 3.
To the 5th, Greeneville one out from history, grounder to second and that’s the ball game. Greeneville is your 2A state champions, defeating Riverside, 11-0 in 5 innings.

To the pitch, AA boys title game. Greeneville and Loudon sitting through multiple lightning delays and ending the first half scoreless.
Greene Devils trying to light the scoreboard first in the 2nd half, but Noah Feezell coming out to make the big time save to keep Greeneville out of the net.
But Greeneville says good luck stopping this when J.P. Vital to Ryan Thompson, firing from outside the box and finding the back of the net. Greene Devils taking a 1-0 lead.
13 minutes later Greeneville with the free kick from just outside the box and Devin Vital burying it in the side of the net.
Greene Devils are back to back state champions, defeating Loudon, 3-0.

News Channel 11 sports Kane O’Neill has been in Murfreesboro all day and has reaction from both championship teams.

"Kenny Greeneville came down to Murfreesboro looking to add two state titles to it’s trophy case and they did just that with the baseball team winning it’s first ever state title and the soccer team winning back to back state titles."
"To see the guys get a chance to come back down here and defend their state title is amazing too accomplish it and win those back to back state championships it’s just phenomenal."
"It’s amazing to play my last game with these boys and go out on top, it just means everything in the world I just love do it with these guys back behind me."
"This one means a lot this is just that much better you know and I’m so happy for the team and everybody it makes it a lot better."
"Everybody take a little notice it’s Greeneville and I’m just excited for all the town and everybody I’m excited for these parents as much as anything."
"It’s surreal it’s awesome and everybody thought we couldn’t do it coming into the first day of practice everybody doubted us, didn’t think we would make it out of regions but here we are and when got here everyone believed and the boys got it done."
"Awesome best way to go out this is my last game I’m not going to college to play and this feels amazing just to go out in style."
"And Kenny that means in one calender year the Greeneville baseball team, Greeneville boys soccer team and the football team won state championships, reporting from Murfressboro Kane O’Neill NC 11 sports."

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